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Nail fungus might be the very thing preventing your nails from being picture-perfect. Whether you're looking for a quick fix or want to get rid of the nail fungus once and for all, there is now an easy way. We introduce Onychom - our new product that uses laser treatment on four different wavelengths with no side effects in order destroy any type of infection from your home comfortably without any extra cost needed!



Why laser?

Because it attacks the organisms not only on the top of the nail, but between the layers without damaging any skin or tissue - making this treatment much safer than other therapies that may cause irritation on top of the infection. With both pulsating soft lasers as well as antibacterial blue light delivered continuously you can get rid not only of nail fungus, but also its spreaders.

Why choose an antifungal laser device?

Both Onychom and Dermachom provide a painless and effective solution for nail fungus
without any side effects and harmful chemicals.

Drug-Free Alternative

They provide a painless and effective solution for nail funguswithout any side effects and harmful chemicals.

The best value at a low cost

Despite laser therapy is proven to be the most effective treatment for nail fungus, the National HealthCare doesn’t cover it, therefore, it can cost a fortune for anyone. It is a one-time investment for an infinite time of usage, with a 180-day money back guarantee.

Remedy at anytime, anywhere

It does not baffle your daily routine - just clip it on your toe or finger, leave it on until the 7-minute timer ends, use whenever and wherever you want it!